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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  September 19, 2017 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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and now it's on a course to puerto rico. the governor says they are bracing for a hit from maria that will have force they have not seen in several generations. >> sky 6 hd showing you the beach in cape may, new jersey hurricane jose is churning out in the atlantic in the east coast. the surf remains rough along the shore and chance for coastal flooding as well. we have team coverage on the hurricanes. lets get the latest from jose and maria from david murphy in the weather center. >> jose a pretty big storm. still a category one, and you see the center of the storm pushes foreign and forth to the northern and off the coast of norfolk, virginia and over the next several days it will spin out and become a tropical storm and that could happen today or tonight and then an extra tropical low that will not cause much damage. we see the rain brands and
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clouds. and coastal flood warning in effect is basically representing a good portion of the problems we are getting from this storm. winds are not strong enough for a watch. but we see enough water pile up with the high tide. we are heading toward a full moon and giving us rod rate coastal flooding especially times of high tide between 7:30 tonight and 8:30 tonight and this is the shore and back bays and up into the delaware bay and the upper bay has around delaware city there an advisory. a lot of rising water as we go into the early evening hours. the wind gusts right now 29 miles per hour at the airport in atlantic city. 25 in cape may and i could see potentially gusts going up to 35, 40 and some models suggest higher than that. in places like atlantic city later this evening. but depends on the exact track of the storm and some details
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still working it out. stormtracker 6 live double scan only showing you a little rain on the ocean front and it's possible that some cells or another band tries to push down areas closer to philadelphia and north and west. if you see rain today it won't amount to much. the big impacts are down the shore and mainly the rip currents and heavy surf and some of that coastal flooding i'll be back with more on the track and not only jose but the major hurricane maria down in the caribbean and what happens once it is past the caribbean. >> thank you david. meanwhile lets switch live to jeff jericho. >> reporter: we are seeing significant beach erosion, look behind me you can see it looks like a cliff. much of the dunes washed away during the most recent high tide.
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we are approaching low tide so the water is receding a bit but still watching the white capped waves crash against the rocks and here to my left a whole group of people here to capture what jose is stirring up here. >> throughout the morning the effects of jose whipped up the search at jfk beach drive. curious onlookers gathered to watch. >> the wind is really bad, we are having trouble standing here as we watch the waves. >> christie bought her 5-year-old son, patrick for a glimpse. >> hardly do we get it like this where it's not a real storm and we can get out and look at the giant waves. >> high tide sent waves crashing on rocks and battering the pilings and much of the beach was wash add way. >> we could barely walk with the sand blowing in our faith. at 3rd and 4th a lot of beach
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erosion almost like a cliff. it's sad. >> across town the back bay began flooding delaware avenue cars took it slow as water covered their wheels and the concern now is tonight's high tide expecting to make the flooding worse. >> the moon and high tide will make it worse. that is tonight and tomorrow morning. >> back out here live in north wildwood you see the water is rough and not a day for surfing or sun bathing today. fortunately no rain or not much rain here at the shore. tonight the high tide is expected around 7:00 or 7:40 tonight and folk as long the back bay getting ready to take the flooding precautions as we await the high tide. channel 6 "action news." >> jeff thank you. in ocean city the waves on the back bays are rocking the boats that are left in the water and some docks were under water
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due in part to the high tide. but residents say this is something they are pretty used to. >> we have been through it several times but more in the winter time than now. >> the a high tide with a nor'easter, that is what it is. last night we had not quite this much water and today this much and tonight we'll have a lot. >> you can fine the latest on both hurricanes jose and maria by visiting it's all part of our complete weather coverage and available any time on the free 6 abc app for your mobile device. in other news a wide ranging speech president trump addressed the united nations and threatened to quote totally destroy north korea. and the president leveled criticism at iran syria and venezuela but saved hid harshest words for north korea and saying that in the united states is
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forced to defend ourselves and allies. >> we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea, rocket man is on a mission for himself and for his regime.states is ready, willing and able but hopefully this will not be necessary. >> the president also expressed displeasure with the united states contributions to the u.n. saying it pays more than its fair share. and the latest on the russian investigation, the senate intelligence committee was expected to question trump's personal lawyer about a deal he was brokering in moscow but fell apart in the last moment. >> reporter: with a quick wave -- president trump long time attorney michael cohen arrives at the senateas expected to answer qstions about the trump organization's ties to russia but at the time he was to appear he and his lawyer came out and said there
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would be no questions today. >> mr. cohen looks forward to answering all of their questions. last week the fact we would be here and you would be visiting with us was leaked to the press. >> the last minute decision to cancel stunned those asem basketballed. >> it was at the question of the senate and i'll be back and look forward to giving all the information. >> candidate truck denied doing business in russia. >> very no business and no loans from russia. >> burns out there was negotiations and build a trump tower in moscow and trump's lawyer was brokering the deal letter of intent to build the skyscraper. >> if you believe the reports about mr. cohen and the attempt to create trump tower moscow. working with cohen a russian board middle man in a letter
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wrote to cohen, buddy our boy can become president of the usa and we can engineer it and i'll get all of putins team to buy in on this. >> cohen did not answer questions today he did provide a written statement, disputing any allegations by president trump saying i never saw anything in a demonstrated his involvement in interference in our election. >> students at chester high school will be back to class today. mourning the death of a 10th grader, ronald lundy a member of the jv basketball team as he walked home from school yesterday. it happened on the 1300 block of west seventh street. and to arrests have been made. and the school district had counselors and support staff for students today. >> philadelphia police officers involved in a crash overnight were not seriously hurt.
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the police suv collided with the civilian suv collided at north 15th street and west lehigh avenue. the people in the suv were not seriously hurt and no word on what led to the collision. classes were canceled today, teachers are now in their second day of the strike. then the montgomery county district are disputing salary and class sizes and working without a contract since january. still ahead on "action news" at 12:30, she was about to be the victim of a robbery that made an unusual move that got the bad guy to go away. we'll explain. more people are taking tests at home to check their fertility. find out the price they had to pay. when "action news" continues.
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a north californian woman decided to make a scene instead
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of becoming a robbery victim. julia says that a stranger dropped a threatening note on her lap demanding her wallet and phone she faked a seizure slumming over and causing a distraction. were not for fertility tests on the market. do they work? and do they help couples save money? >> reporter: at home fertility kits more and more couples are turning to them. >> oh thank you. meet melissa holmes a 30-year-old blogger and stay at home mom of 3, and virginia native jill brennan a mother to kids under the age of 5. they have the families they dreamed of but conceiving was not always so easy. resolve says that one in eight
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couples in america struggle to get pregnant. >> i was 23 when i was trying to conceive my first child. it didn't happen for me. >> and melissa and her husband tried for months with little success. we tried and had a miscarriage, we assumed we could get pregnant but after a year of trying again we weren't able to get pregnant. >> she turned to at home fertility tests. at home trackers and fertility tests for men. after five months of using the sticks we found out we were pregnant. >> melissa and jennifer did the most common the offlation sticks. >> i was 35 when i started to try for my first baby and i think i started to use them pretty much right away just to try to figure out when i could get pregnant. >> and at home one month
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supply costs on average $40 on average and inclinic tests could cost upwards of $130 per round of testing. >> it saves thousands of dollars. "action news" health check reporter and registers nurse, ali gorman did a q&a this morning. military executives discussed therapies for diseases. and life sciences philadelphia hosted the event with the intent of showcasing philadelphia as a hub for life science growth. >> kate walsh indicated she had a brain tumor removed and said she suffered physical and cognitive problems before being diagnosed and she says that the tumor was the size of a lemon and after it was diagnosed the doctors found out it was benign.
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one lucky buyer will scap up this fairytale cot able. this home was inspired by snow swhit modeled after the home with the dwarfs. it has four bedrooms and featured wooden beams and hand built doors and stained glass windows, and the price of $775,000.
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we continue our coverage on the accuweather alert as hurricane jose continues to spin offshore this is a look at the beach in north wildwood and rip concerns are a major concern with beach erosion and possible flooding and we'll keep a close eye on the situation down at the shore. look at the waters it's still pretty rough there. >> it's mainly a shore event. around here breezy and nothing causing damage stormtracker 6 live double scan right now shows you rain is not even adding up
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to all that much. shower activity coming through coastal counties and getting up close to philadelphia and drizzle around here every now and then and by reading a light passing shower. and not really a big deal overall. and generally speaking this is light stuff by belmar and surf city a little bit of yellow down the garden state parkway every now and then a brief steady shower. dew point is 64, moderately humid and winds from the northeast at 17 and the strongest wind on a noon show in a couple of months. summer has been kind of tranquil. ocean temperatures are 73. hurricane jose is a category one storm. still expected to drop off. and spins around over the next several days and by the end of
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the weekend a diminishing extra tropical low fall ago part and some models have it off the map by then and others have it hanging around and notice how the sustained winds of tropical storm force highlighted in yellow never made it into the shore and not expected to and we were able to drop the tropical storm watch in the afternoon yesterday. the rain may pop up to the west and generally speaking not a lot of it. the heaviest amounts in spots and impacts at the shore. a one foot storm surge, i posted it on twitter on my facebook page. from a viewer in north wildwood where it was overtaking the boardwalk there and splashing down into the streets. breakers 8 to 10 feet c strong waves and rip currents. idea to be in the water.
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beach erosion we are seeing that up and down the coasts. and wind gusts of 30 to 40 miles per hour. 80 in allentown and 80 in wilmington and 78 in millv73 in cape may. as we go through the day a high of about 80 we hit that at 3:00. 9 by 4:00 and 76 by 6:00 and sinking down to 70 by 10:00 and in the 60s overnight. dodgers and phillies will play baseball and it will be cloudy and damp at times and a sprinkle. but i doubt there is anything that will stop that game. if you got tickets go on down. 71 if the ninth inning and humid. hurricane maria, a big fat eye and a strong storm. it made landfall in dominica and heading straight for san juan, and if we get down behind the storm at 160 miles per hour
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sustained winds it will be in puerto rico tomorrow and then turks and caicos, they were already hammered by irma. and a four is a four. and then a three down to a two but more or less pushing up toward the east coast. mode mode els have it missing us. 80 is your high and breezy and damp at times, mainly dry and clouds and sunny breaks sun and humid and the sun is gone except for rip currents and 86 on thursday and very warm and humid. autumn arrives on friday and not looking like it will feel like it. nice day overall. and sunny and 85 and sunshine on sunday with a high of 86. got to kick jose out of town and we have nice weather. >> thank you david. it's not exactly irish coffee but the next best thing.
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starbucks debuted the new whiskey coffee they make it to taste like it is by placing coffee beans in empty barrels that once contained aged whiskey and this allows the beens to soak up the flavor the new coffee is only available in select starbucks now. dancing with the stars returned last night for season 25. you watched all the action on the ballroom floor on 6 abc 13 stars are vying for the mirror ball trophy. and now they know winning won't be easy. we were there for all the excitement. >> jordan fisher tangoed to the top of the leader board with 22 out of 30 points. >> we'll get better every day. and lindsay singer tied them at
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the top with the chacha. >> and i was so happy that we did it. i used my hands a lot i know that is why you love me right. yes. can we do a hand dance one time. >> this is a journey all 13 teams empressed themselves on the dance floor including laker legend, derek fisher. >> i am confident on the hardwood. >> and nicky bella threw down her partner. >> we won't do this every week. just on special occasions. >> it felt good to have the first one done and so amped for next week i can't wait. i love it. >> i'm out for revenge i am upset with myself i didn't nail it and i nailed it in the dress rehearsal and flubbed it in the
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final. >> para olympian victoria arlen who has no feeling in her legs it is on. >> i'm like lets do this. week two gets brutal. two dances and two dances monday and tuesday and two eliminations.
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david with one final check in accuweather. northern and western suburbs with sunny breaks highs around 80 or so. can't rule out a passing shower but mainly dry. same for philadelphia blustery and mostly cloudy and lots of upper 70s surrounding the city and down the shore more rain at times but not bad. the big issue is rip currents and heavy surf and high tide tonight between 7:30 and 8:30.
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that is when we see the moderate flooding. and coming up later this afternoon on "action news" at 4:00, we continue to get new information about the man accused of trying to lure multiple children in philadelphia. detectives think he may be responsible for more cases in the area. >> and schools team one a local grocery stores to raise money. how you can help by simply running your errands. >> don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00 5:00 and 6:00. for david murphy and rick williams and the entire "action news" team i'm sara bloomquist have a gait afternoon.
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.% on. ♪ it's time to let loose, because we're showing you how to have a party in a pinch. football legend and "dancing with the stars" champ donald driver is sharing his party recipe. then clinton's got a sweet makeover like you've never seen before. >> yeah! >> plus "be your best" week continues. and carla's surprising a group of amazing young people. the party's right here. and it all starts right now, on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> good afternoon, and welcome to "the chew." thank you very, very much. lovely audience today. you know, there is nothing like a perfectly executed party.


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